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Have you ever dreamt of running a business where you have very little operating cost, good chances of making money with very little manual labor and a market potential of 800 million customers?

Spamming is the ultimate business opportunity and nothing like it will probably come along in a very long time. Except for the entire world will hate you, but they do not know you are so why care.

You have never bought anything from a spam mails and you do not know anyone that have, so how do spamming relate to making money? The name of the game is volume. If one in say 10 million spam emails results in a person responding to the advertising in the email it will result in a profit. The cost of sending out emails are marginal. It do not matter that 99 per cent of the emails are deleted or never read. It is like the sperm, millions end up in nothing, but all it takes is for one to make it.

There is nothing new under the sun with spamming. Mass marketing has existed for a long time. Before the Internet the junk mail came to your regular mail. Regular advertising in your mail have spam characteristics, but it is not truly spam since the advertisers must pay for printing and shipping. The only difference with spam and other types of marketing is the cost. Legit advertising on the web, in a magazine or on tv will cost the advertiser more money per viewer.


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