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- introduction

Spam is the name used to denote the mass sending of emails. A spammer is one that participate in sending out spam email. Everybody that have used email have probably have got emails that they did not want. These email were advertisement for some product. Often these products are in some way obscene, like advertisements for adult websites, penis enlargement pills, viagra pills etc etc.

The problems that spam cause are many. Your email box gets filled with junk, the emails you want gets very hard to find. To find your email you have to scroll down in your email program to see if you recognize some of the email subjects or emails addresses. Spam can be very time consuming and you could miss some emails that where important. Obscene emails can be embarrassing if your work friends or family see you have them.

When the Internet started to become commercially available in around 1998 email was thought to be one of the really usefully applications for the Internet. That was true, but as the Internet became more and more commercially available so grew the amount of spammers and spam. Today email is used a lot. Email is the preferred one to one messaging application on the Internet, but spam is a big problem. It hinders all types of Internet business, and email as an application is suffering badly from the spam problem.


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