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Spam introduction

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Spam glossary

Terminology used in context with spamming

Advertisements sent to you without your consent. Spam messages are sent out in large quantity. Spam messages appear in email, newsgroups, webpages and other forms. The term probably comes from a famous Monty Python sketch which featured the word spam repeated over and over. It may also be a reference to a meat product named Spam.

Spamming The action of sending out spam messages.

Spam Filter
An entity for detecting and blocking messages that are spam. Spam filters involve a security level trade-off; the goal is to block all unsolicited email without accidentally filtering out email from legitimate senders.

Spoofing Pretending to be someone else. Attempt to gain access by pretending to be an authorized user. Impersonating, masquerading, and mimicking are forms of spoofing.

Sporn Spam messages containing advertisement for adult content or pornography.


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