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Easy way to avoid spam
-if you have not got spam

If you have a brand new email address, or you are blessed with an email address that miraculously has dodged the spammers you can keep it so.

It may be a grim comfort if you already have spam, but you can avoid a lot of spam if you do not put the address on the web.

TIP # 1
If you have a webpage and still want people to get in touch with you. You could make a picture with the email address.

Something like this: email address example

People will be able to read it and make sense where to send the email, but machines will not. This will limit the address from getting collected by spider programs.

However it do not prevent somebody from typing the email into some other sites web forms or sending newsgroup messages with your email. Then you will eventually get spam.

Tip #2
Disposable email addresses is another thing you should consider. A lot of places give out free email accounts. When you post messages on the Internet or deal with people you probably never will talk to in the future, you use the disposable email addresses. When the spam eventually catches on to your email address, you just stop using it, and get another one. Your real email is just given to friends and people you trust.


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