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How much is spam costing you and me?

How much is spam costing you?

Let's say you get 1 real email and 30 spam messages per day, and you spend two minute to go through these. This time involves downloading them and possible deleting the spam messages. It also involves checking your spam folder to see if anything seems like a real message that is mistakenly taken for junkmail.

Let's say you earn 15$ per hour. Spam is costing you 50 cent per day. So in one year you have spent 182.5$ fighting off spam in your inbox. Or 12,6 hours in one year sorting junk email.

These figures could be more or less, but it gives and estimate. The point is that even if you think you can delete the spam very fast all the little spam messages eats your time in the long run.

PART 2 How much is spam costing your business?


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