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How much is spam costing your business?

As pointed out in how much is spam costing you and me an estimate for how much a person spends in one year sorting junk email is 12,6 hours.

We say that a worker in a business will spend the same amount of time fighting spam. The business have 50 persons reading email. That adds up to 630 hours for this particular business. How much these hours are worth is a bit difficult to say. First you will have to pay for the workers to sort and read the spam. Then there is cost of production machinery and other operating cost during the time that these are not utilized. Then there is the loss of profit. A guess could be a total cost of 35$ per hour. It adds up to 22 750$ per year. This is a very uncertain estimate, you can probably do even better your self with accurate numbers.

When you rely on email for business communication it is important that you do not loose legit emails in between all the spam. If you miss emails involving big deals, you will loose money. Not just the cost of every day waste of time sorting out spam.



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